Twin Falls State Park http://www.twinfallsresort.com/

Located off Route 97 near Saulsville, Twin Falls State Park boast twelve hiking and biking trails that total 25 miles ideal for nature seekers. Don’t forget to take the scenic walk to the “Twin” Water Falls.

Twin Falls Resort
State Park
Rt. 97, Mullens, WV 25882
Phone: (304) 294-4000

Hike the Great Eastern Trail

The Great Eastern Trail (GET) is America’s newest long-distance hiking trail which is 1800 miles long and crosses nine states. The Great Eastern Trail (GET) provides a premier hiking experience on a series of existing trails that are being linked to each other into a long-distance footpath in the Appalachian Mountains stretching from Alabama to the Finger Lakes Trail in New York. http://www.greateasterntrail.net/

Get Map http://media.wix.com/ugd/7522fa_6dfc8ab73d0cf8599540c908b6a8527c.pdf

In southern West Virginia, there are 40 miles of trail open of 190 miles of future trail planned. This section enters West Virginia in Summers County near Petersburg, and extends into Mercer County. It enters Wyoming County near the Barker’s Creek area extending north into Mullens, west to Pineville, west to Baileysville, and west into Mingo County. This section is being assisted by local trail partner TuGuNu. http://www.tugunu.com/


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